Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Using Dipity to tell a news story

Timelines have been used by newspapers for years to help lead readers through the twists and turns of a complicated, long-running saga. This, for me, is just another way of doing the same thing.
I've used Dipity and the Daily Post's Flickr group photos of Capital of Culture events to tell the story-so-far of Liverpool's Culture Year 2008; I could also add Post & Echo videos I guess, but I liked the idea of keeping it just for the Flickr group.
Now I'm thinking of the possibilities of using Dipity to report, for example, a court case; we could load images, pdfs of the previous day's coverage, locator maps, videos, links, all updated day by day. Liverpool and Everton's football season could be charted in the same way.
There are so many exciting possibilities to use this; and it can be made more interactive by giving readers the opportunity to upload their own content.

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