Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Plurk, interaction and my morning commute

Just a quick example of why I like Plurk.
I took this photo when I was trapped in stationary traffic on my morning commute. The whole package - rain, cones and queues - summed up what a great start to the day I was having.

The Shozu app on my N95 automatically sent the photo to my Flickr site and this blog and I also shared the image on Plurk. Within minutes, this was the response I got:

I think that's pretty impressive - information-sharing and conversation parcelled up in about seven comments. So that's why, when people keep saying "I don't get Plurk" I think they're missing out. It's different to Twitter but it's definitely worth sticking with. Some threads attract 70-plus comments within less than an hour; I read over a hundred posts, plus uploaded photos, from an athlete plurking from the middle of a fairly large earthquake in Japan recently. It's yet another way to source news and views online - and that can't be bad.
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