Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Breaking news with Spinvox

UPDATE 2013: SpinVox subsequently closed down

I've got another option for updating my status on various social networks now.

I've been using SpinVox as a way of turning my phone voicemail into text alerts for a long time - it's so much more convenient to read my message as a text than have endles voicemails to wade through. I also find it useful for dictating memos to my Gmail, and (sometimes) posting to this blog although I tend to use Utterz more often as I like posting the occasional podcast. But the status update is an interesting development and has, I think, real opportunities for newspapers that have social media sites.
For example, a reporter at the scene of a major fire could post a live update to a blog, instantly post a news flash via a Twitter feed, update the paper's Facebook page and even speak a text message newsflash to multiple mobile phone subscribers. It is, I think, a very cool development.
Of course, a reporter at a fire could already send alerts direct to Twitter and potentially have that Twitter feed linked to a Facebook status, but SpinVox makes it much faster... and with news, breaking or otherwise, that's what counts.
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