Sunday, 31 October 2010

Test boo (and an updated rant...)

Nothing worth saying or hearing

31.10.10 UPDATED...
THAT didn't really work particularly well. It was supposed to be an audio post, sent via Pixelpipe to Audioboo but seems to have gone everywhere else as well (without the audio clip).
I've been relying a lot more on Pixelpipe to send things in recent months, and since my phone stopped working properly, I suspect it's going to become a really important app for me. However, this test demonstrates that I need to fix my settings and check my routing tags...

The phone saga is very annying.
My Nokia N86 flatlined a couple of weeks ago - it worked as a phone but that was about it and since I use it least as a phone it was, for me, pretty pointless.
After being sent around in circles by Carphone Warehouse for a frustrating weekend I finally found a CW shop with a Nokia Guy who could, apparently, fix it if I left it there.

Five days later the phone returned, allegedly fixed. Although actually it isn't - the email is still not working properly.
I really don't want to have to send it back again, and I can work around the problems by using Gravity and Pixelpipe to upload, but it's bloody annoying that something I'm stuck with for another 12 months (and which was Not Cheap) has become flaky after 12 months. My phone is an important part of my job, and I've always championed Nokia (and I cannot fault the N86 camera) but, frankly, I give up.
Phew! nothing like a little mis-posted Audioboo to set off a rant, is there?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The virtual shop window

There is a story - and I'm told it's not apocryphal - that the Liverpool Echo used to employ a man whose sole reason for existence was to tell advertisers to go away.
 Apparently, in the dim and distant past (I believe this means the 1960s but certainly there are old timers who remember the phenomenon) people wanting to place adverts in that night's Echo would be queuing in the front reception area in the hope of winning a slot.