Thursday, 17 April 2008


I am always impressed by the links on other people's blogs. They have sought down the most interesting, pertienent and useful blogs and put helpful links to the sites so muppets like me can share the wisdom.
I'm feeling a little left behind on the old links issue, so I thought I'd take five minutes out of sorting our entries for the Regional Journalism Awards to grab a coffee and boost the rather paltry offering of links here.
So now, in addition to the Liverpool Daily Post link I now have a list of, well, friends who happen to have blogs. So most of them aren't of any professional use necessarily (apart from Joanna Geary and Markmedia's blogs) but they do cheer me up when the day is getting to be a bit of a slog.
Oh, and if you click here you'll find Emma and Alpa, from the Style in the City teams, helping illustrate the stiltwalking feature of Emma's new shoes.
I took it on my N95 and managed to post it to Flickr with Shozu, which means I have finally sorted the infuriating upload problem - although it mean removing Shozu from the phone, cancelling all accounts, downloading it again and opening a new account. Web 2.0 really shouldn't have to be this complicated...
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