Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Using Utterz more often

Posted by ShoZu

UPDATE 2013: Utterz became Utterli and then closed. Try Ipadio or Audioboo instead.

I love Utterz - I think it's a great website and I want to start using it more often than the once-a-week I've been stuck at recently. It's very interactive, you get to hear the tone of someone's voice as they make a point, and it's a good way of engaging in a debate.
I've just posted my latest Utterz below and used ShoZu to post the photo to the blog - I didn't expect my Utterz pic to transfer as well as the audio so that was a nice surprise.
For example, Chris - who I follow on Utterz - posted a rant about rush hour traffic in which he said motorcyclists who ride up the lanes between cars should be fined around $1m. Now, as a motorcyclist who does regularly embark on this kind of riding I should perhaps be outraged. But because I could hear the genuine pain in Chris' voice as he shared his views I connected with what he was saying and listened to his argument.
I still don't agree though :-)
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