Saturday, 22 June 2013

The council that tried to charge for using social media

This is the full announcement by Local Government Minister Eric Pickles, on a new guide detailing how journalists, bloggers, hyperlocal media and the public can now use social tools and filming for live reporting*.

In Wales it seems to have been chiefly noted for the fact that he criticised the Welsh government - which puts me in mind of that line about the Devil's greatest trick.
Certainly it looks like the central fact of the debate has gotten a little lost amid the sound and fury.
Anyway, there was an interesting discussion about the issue in general on Twitter the other night, that I saved and finally got around to Storifying. The standout point for me is that one about a council trying to charge a newspaper for using anything other than a notepad and pen to report meetings.

David Higgerson has written a blog post* about the importance of campaigning. If you missed it, I really recommend it as a read.

*The Daily Post gets an honourable mention in dispatches, in the notes. 
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