Sunday, 30 March 2008

Words and pictures

I started this blog with the aim of testing out different ways of telling news stories but I wasn't sure what that would entail.
Looking at it now, it's got so much mad furniture going on around the actual words it's more like a small child's attempt at communication than anything else. But you know what - I love it!
A tiny handful of people read it but it's my blog with lots of bits and pieces I worked out how to put here myself.
And I have a lot of fun throwing things at it. I tend to start attacking things without really considering how they work; consequently a lot of the stuff here - like SpinVox and Utterz - are typical of someone telling me about a good thing they've discovered and me going off and messing about with it.
It doesn't always work well for me - trying to get by Google IM and Jaiku to link up did cause the kind of brow furrows I'm going to need Botox for one day - but on the whole I enjoy the haphazard approach.
Between Qik videos, Utterz widets, Jaiku badges and little red devils there's lots of messy things on this page. It may not look pretty, and I'm as sure as hell it's not clever - after all, I managed to do it! - but it shows what can be achieved.
I've got the editor's sign off to live stream conference on Qik as well; he's off for a week (during which time I get to the edit the Post, yay!) and then when he gets back we will show the world how we plan the next day's paper. I'm so excited about it - and I'd hope that we get lots of feedback from people on what we're planning for the content.
Anyway, I'm having a great time messing around with my new toys. Colleague Toby Chapman is building his own website; that's my next challenge...
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