Sunday, 13 April 2014

This week, I've been reading... (weekly)

      • This is the key for me. Immersive means I am lost in what I am reading/watching/hearing/experiencing. 
    • Immersive experiences rule. Take me somewhere I have never been. Show me something I have never seen.

  • I haven't used any of these but I'll give them a go "in digital years a lifetime for a product seems like about 21 months. “Moore’s Law”  predicted chip-processing power would double about every 18 months. It more or less has for decades, and each wave of chips remakes the digital world. In digital time, that means a tool born in 2012 was born a lifetime ago. There’s nothing wrong with the classic tools; they just aren’t the latest ones. "

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  • "Closing Thunderdome is just part of a major north-of-$100-million cost cutting initiative that is putting the best glow on some tough financials. The reason for the sale: Despite CEO John Paton’s aggressive remaking of the company, Alden’s investments in cheap newspaper company shares (“The Demise of Lean Dean Singleton’s Departure and the Rise of Private Equity”) haven’t worked out the way private equity bets are supposed to."

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