Sunday, 12 May 2013

My 'interesting reads' roundup (weekly)

  • This is a new paper by Francois Nel (Director: Journalism Leaders Programme, UCLan) on Business model innovation and integration in the British local newspaper industry. Makes fascinating reading. 

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  • Bullet point advice for making change happen is always useful. "It’s not about frivolous, pie-in-the sky ideas. It’s about rapidly testing new ideas to start building toward new standards. You are building the future through experiments. Experimentation is just as important as those mission-critical roadmap projects" 

    tags: newsroom culture

  • Of all the things calculated to irritate, the Social Media Gobshite is in my top 5. When something happens they feel the need to have ALL THE WORDS - but with zero self awareness and maximum fatuousness.  See also "Over the last few years, most media companies have taken on social media editors, lots of them young-ish, lots of them "digital natives." (Some neither, of course!) Many of their jobs are construed as helping newsrooms do social media best: working with writers, working with official social media accounts, those kind of things. Some of them are more like lone Internet addicts. At the more "straight news" outfits, most of them play it pretty straight. Some of them misplace their resources: for instance, there was a big vogue for media organizations moving onto Tumblr. And then everyone found out that, while it was nice to have a stand-alone Tumblr publication, that it literally didn't do a single thing for a news organization. Didn't bring traffic, didn't bring non-Tumblr attention: they operate in a black hole, essentially. If you like reblogs of your gifs, great! But this was a thing news orgs had been sold on. At lots of media organizations, decision-makers don't know where to start with social media. And lots don't know where their social media editors should stop and start in their work."

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  • I don't know what to make of a minister who holds at least 4 jobs - MP, deputy leader, shadow deputy prime minister and shadow culture secretary - complaining about a newspaper owner having his finger in too many pies. 

    tags: ownership media murdoch

  • Good points, and useful examples (including ones from my neck of the woods) from David Banks on the social media legal pitfalls "We are all publishers now, but mainstream publishers know the law, and even they get into trouble reasonably often. Setting up a Twitter or Facebook account is the work of moments and if memory serves does not entail a run-down of the legal pitfalls that await the unwary."

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