Friday, 13 July 2012

A bit of MSM and hyperlocal co-operation goes a long way

I came across an exchange between the Daily Post and on Twitter today that made me happy. 
It makes far more sense for MSM and hyperlocals to support each other to get information out; the alternative is to pretend the other doesn't exist or - worse - denigrate the 'rival' source. The former is a MSM habit, the latter (in my experience) an indie one. 

As far as I'm concerned, the main competition anyone trying to connect with content consumers faces is audience disconnect, distrust and apathy, not other information sources (whether those information sources are the BBC or the eyewitness tweeting). 

Yes, I edit the Daily Post (the exchange below had nothing to do with me though) and I know we won't be unique in having candid, supportive conversations with other news organisations without getting precious. 

But, as I say, it made me happy to see mainstream and indie teaming up to make sure a story was accurately and swiftly updated. And so I thought it was worth saving the moment here.  
The Daily Post current version of the story is here and's is here

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