Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Speaking Freely "This is a test from SpinVox..." (<<<< that's their headline btw)

"This is a test from SpinVox to my blog to see how long I can talk before, before it runs out of characters and how many if any mistakes it mate cos in that time. I am speaking very slowly and clearly there's no background noise. So everything should work perfectly well past experience."
spoken through SpinVox

The above comment was posted to my blog, from my phone, using Spinvox, a service I used back early in 2008 but quickly became disenchanted with because it couldn't post anything I said without mangling it.
I can live with the 'length of x3 SMS' posts because mobile journalism is about This Is Happening Now rather than Look What We've Put On Our Website For You but I can't live with the errors.

The sentence 'mistakes it mate cos in that time' should read 'mistakes it makes in that time' and the last sentence has been mangled; it should read 'perfectly well although that hasn't been my past experience'. But I did push my luck on the character limit so it's probably my fault it contracted the less-than-favourable bit of the sentence. Although it is suspicious.

Anyway, Spinvox verdict: Not improved enough for me to use again regularly. 
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