Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Guest-blogging on Media140

I wrote a blog post last week which you won't see on this site. It was about how and why I use the Favourite option on Twitter, what its uses are, and different was of checking out other users' Favourites, and when I finished it I pinged it off to the Media140 blog to use however they wished.
If you want to read it - and please, please do! I don't want to be responsible for a dip in their traffic - the post is here.

It was the first time in just over 18 months of blogging that I've written a post for another person's blog site, and it was a very different experience. I enjoyed it and it was a subject that I found interesting (hopefully so did others), but... I was a bit nervous about doing it because someone else (Dominique Jackson) had invested some trust in me - they'd asked me to provide a post on Twitter on their blog, and I wanted to do it justice.
I get angsty about some of the posts I write here, but at the end of the day this blog is my comfort zone, my own space where I can nip into the backroom and edit post-published spelling horrors, for example; guest-posting was a whole new responsibility.

As it turned out Dominique gave it a lovely standfirst, edited the intro so I looked witty and bright and uploaded it. And then she tirelessly promoted it. So thanks for asking me to guest blog Dee - it was another new learning experience in my blogging life. And, um, I have another idea for a post...
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