Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My online identity

I'm speaking at the Art of Digital event in Liverpool tomorrow.
The topic of the learning lab is The Personal which (according to the accompanying blurb) is
"all about the role and influence of people and organisations. We have recently seen the emergence of the self at the heart of online communication, placing the individual at the centre of digital culture."
Anyway, I've been given the theme Identity 2.0, and I have an hour in which to expand my theories. Which is a good topic for me as I'm prone to telling anyone who stands still long enough that journalists must develop and grow their own digital identities if they are to compete in a rapidly expanding arena.

I wasn't going to do a powerpoint, I was just going to talk it through; then I realised my digital life is a bit more eloquent than I am. So I've put a few slides together, and I'm also going to borrow from the 'year of the blog' posts I wrote earlier this year.

The slide that sums up the issues around where the professional ends, and the real person begins, I think, is the Twitter one. At 7.18pm I tweet about not giving "a shit about Spymaster", and at 7.19pm I inform the world of the wonderful online election coverage available on our websites. A complete fluke, and I only noticed when I was trawling back through Twitter looking for good and bad examples of my tweeting habits.
Professionalism, ur doin' it rong...

I really hope, I don't mess up tomorrow. Wish me luck.
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