Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A brief surge of interest FriendFeed

FriendFeed is back on the radar, although not necessarily mine. I've had an account since it launched and never really been able to sustain the enthusiasm. The other problem is that it's intermittently blocked on my work internet, so simply logging on can be a small triumph.

Anyway, recently the site has had an overhaul - or, more accurately, it is attempting to become Jaiku - and since more people are wandering over to Friendfeed, I thought I ought to give it another go.

I've got a bunch of new subscribers, and I've subscribed right back at 'em, and I've even sorted them into little groups (Personal or Professional - look, I never said it was an extensive sorting operation).
As I was pottering away in my FriendFeed stream some new photos from the Daily Post Flickr group popped up in my stream, reminding me that I probably ought to create a Liverpool Echo Friendfeed (the Echo Flickr group is starting to flourish now; it's amazing what a difference just being visible on the group page makes) so I suppose FriendFeed has proved useful already.

I can't say how long I'm going to keep using it though; I guess I'll give it a week of being one of my web tabs (as long as the work webmasters let me anyway) and see if it makes a difference in how I follow links, tweets, images and Shared items on people's Reader. But then, if it hasn't grabbed my attention, I'll forget about it again.

Sometimes, I can be quite antisocial with social media...
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