Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cartoon avatars: the concluson

Sometimes it's easier to let others to make the choice.
When it came to deciding whether my little devil avatar was actually something I was hiding behind, rather than being my online representative, I turned to the people.
The Ask500people specifically; the poll was a simple Yes/No question: Do you prefer it if someone uses their own photo as their online avatar?
And the result was a surprise.

There were 424 votes from around the world and supporters of the 'photo' option got off to a flying start. I was a little surprised, I have to say, but once the poll hit the front page the 'Nos' really got into gear.
The fairly overwhelming conclusion was 256 votes for No and 168 votes for Yes - 60% to 40% if you prefer.

So I decided to keep my red devil because of the poll? Yes... and no. What swung it (and would have done even if the vote had gone the other way I suspect) was this Markmedia's rather sensible advice: "He makes it so much easier to pick you out from the drab masses. Feel the same about Jo's cat".

So perhaps the conclusion I should draw from my adventures is that lively conversation, debate and opinion are more important than what your online personification is. I enjoyed setting up the poll, promoting it and talking to people online about it far more than I would have done if I'd just made a decision and gone with it.
My little devil must be laughing his head off at all this.
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