Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Spam irritations

Why would someone think the comment section of a blog about journalism is the best place to flog energy-saving lightbulbs?
I was tidying up this site the other day when I noticed a few extra comments on posts - and there they were - a whole bunch of spammy comments exhorting people to try a different kind of illumination in their homes.
I deleted some but lost interest after a while - which means the spammer has won I guess, but life is too damn short sometimes - and so they are still peppered around the archives.
I guess it could be worse - I know that some bloggers fight a major battle against spam comments every day - but it's still a bit weird. I mean, who reads a spam comment and thinks: "But that's so true! I do need to consider a new home lighting system/lose 10lbs of stomach fat/win a million dollars by posting my bank details..." etc etc?
Still, if I leave the key in my door, in a metaphorical Web 2.0-ish way, I guess some people are going to come in and mess around with the furniture. So long as they don't actually break anything, I can live with it.
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