Monday, 17 November 2008

Testing FineTuna

I've been playing around with a new web app that lets you upload, comment on and share photos easily.
It's called FineTuna and it is such a simple way of telling a story.

I've tried it out on a photo of the Yellow Submarine outside Liverpool John Lennon Airport (which was taken by Neil Shenton from the Daily Post's Flickr group).
Basically, you select the image you want - either using a url or uploading direct from your computer - add notes wherever you choose on the photo, you can also draw lines (I circled the rusty spot on the sub and wrote a note saying it could do with a lick of paint) and then emailed it to my Gmail account. A link arrived which took me to the page with my annotated photo. I could then add my own notes and send it on to... well, anyone really.

I love this idea. It's so quick and easy - perfect for covering a breaking news event; it would take seconds for a photographer at, for example, a major road crash, to upload an image, annotate with their own eyewitness account of what appeared to be happening, and email the link to the office. It would work brilliantly for liveblogging events and I think it could even work for certain crowdsourcing scenarios, where experts on, say, a specific forum, could annotate a relevant image with their own views. And you can install it as a FireFox extension.
It's refreshing to have a real 'does what it says on the tin' new tool to play around with. Finetuna is, I think, an app that has masses of story-telling potential and it's one I hope we can play around with in future.
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